2018 Deficit slips to 3.9% – CAPEX suffers 27.5% cut

February 26, 2019 Despite cutting capital expenditure (CAPEX) by more than a quarter, the government was unable to walk the slippery rope of matching spending with revenue in 2018, according to data on...

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Germany poised to set world’s largest trade surplus

August 23, 2018 Germany is on track to record the world’s largest trade surplus for a third consecutive year. The country’s $299 billion surplus is poised to attract criticism, however, both at...

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Rebasing could boost GDP to GH¢300bn

June 4, 2018 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) could now be valued as high as GH¢300billion after the expected rebasing this month, which is the second in less than 10 years according to an in-depth...

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