Cedi depreciates against the dollar by 22.5%

September 25, 2023 The Bank of Ghana has pegged the depreciation of the cedi to the American greenback at 22.5 percent as of the September 2023. One will now need GHS 11.07 to exchange a dollar on the...

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Cedi to end 2023 at ¢11.40 to a dollar – Fitch Solutions

September 12, 2023 Fitch Solutions is forecasting that the Ghana cedi would end 2023 at ¢11.40 against the US dollar. This is lower than the ¢12.40 it predicted early in the year, at a time Ghana was yet to...

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Cedi expected to post mixed-performance this week due to inflationary pressures

August 15, 2023 The Ghana cedi is expected to post a mixed-performance this week as a widening inflation differential may pose depreciatory pressures. This is because investors are seeking investments in...

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Cedi to remain stable this week; gained 0.30% against dollar last week

July 26, 2023 The Ghana cedi is expected to remain stable this week against the US dollar and the other major foreign currencies due to improving foreign exchange liquidity on the market. Last week, the...

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Cedi to continue stability against dollar, others this week

July 4, 2023 The Ghana cedi is expected to continue its stability against the US dollar and other major currencies this week. This is expected to be supported by improved foreign exchange support from...

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Pressure mounts on cedi; loses 9% in value to dollar last week

May 31, 2023 Pressure on the Ghana cedi continues to surge after some sterling performance two weeks ago, making it the world’s top-performing currency during the period. The local currency lost about...

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Cedi to depreciate 30% to dollar in 2023 – EIU

May 2, 2023 Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is predicting a 30% depreciation of the cedi to the dollar in 2023. This is however lower than the about 44% depreciation of the local currency in 2022....

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Cedi to exhibit mixed performance against dollar this week

April 18, 2023 The Ghana cedi is expected to exhibit mixed performance against the US dollar for the second week running. This is because of the uncertainty characterising the expected International...

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Cedi to record mixed performance this week

April 12, 2023 The Ghana cedi is expected to record a mixed performance this week as the market awaits a decision of Ghana’s external debt restructuring with its bilateral creditors. The Paris Club of...

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Cedi continues strong performance; $1 now ¢10.80

April 5, 2023 The Ghana cedi continued its strong run against the US dollar today, April 4, 2023, as it sold below ¢11. Checks by Joy Business at the forex bureaus indicate that the cedi is going for...

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