Stop withdrawing huge cash, use digital payments to reduce robbery attacks – GhIPSS

October 27, 2021 Mr. Archie Hesse, the Chief Executive of the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement System (GhIPSS), a subsidiary of the Bank of Ghana, is urging businesses and individuals to desist from...

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Public urged to seek support on use of GhQR code to promote cashless agenda

August 23, 2021 Members of the public who are still not sure how to access the GhQR for payments should speak to their banks for assistance, Mr Archie Hesse, the Chief Executive of Ghana Interbank Payment...

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GhQR to play lead role in cashless agenda

March 23, 2021 GhQR is considered a key enabler for Ghana’s quest to migrate into an electronic payment society. The country is hoping to ride on the back of payment services to become one of the first...

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Use of electronic payment channels records 81% growth in 2020 1st half – GhIPSS

July 23, 2020 Latest figures from the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) show that patronage of electronic payment channels that go through the GhIPSS platform, increased by 81...

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ACH Direct Debit could help improve loan recovery – GhIPSS

July 1, 2020 Lending institutions could turn to Direct Debit to improve on their loan recovery rate. This is because it has some flexibilities that lenders can explore for repayment of loans. Poor loan...

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Digital payment gets major boost with launch of 3 policies

May 20, 2020 The government of Ghana has launched three new policy initiatives designed to deepen financial inclusion and accelerate digital payments, in line with government’s vision of building a...

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Telcos, fintechs to follow GhIPSS in reintroducing fees on all MoMo transactions

May 13, 2020 ·         players say move to ensure sustainability of operations ·         but bankers’ association...

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Patronage of GhIPSS Instant Pay soars in Q1

April 27, 2020 The use of GhIPSS Instant Pay (GIP) services continues to see huge jumps in volume as more people turn to the service. The volume of instant pay transactions between January and March this...

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Millions saved through e-zwich as gov’t targets all public sector workers

August 13, 2019 After saving millions of Ghana cedis from using e-zwich to pay some emoluments, government is motivated to extend use of the technology to cover all public sector employees – at no fee to...

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Gov’t officials to use cards during travels – Bawumia …as GhIPSS unveils e-zwich/gh-link dual card

August 9, 2019 All government officials who travel on assignment outside the country will soon be required to use a credit and debit card in their transactions in a bid to ensure accountability and...

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