Policy to tax foreign income of resident Ghanaians not a new law-GRA clarifies

April 24, 2024 The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has signed an information sharing agreement with 170 countries across the world to support the implementation of the tax on resident Ghanaians who earn...

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GRA urges public collaboration to expose tax evaders

March 20, 2024 The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has called on Ghanaians to collaborate with the authority to expose tax evaders, whose actions impede the country’s economic development. “Persons who...

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Failure to disclose taxable income abroad to attract sanction – GRA

February 14, 2024 Ghanaians who fail to disclose their sources of taxable income overseas risk being penalized by the Ghana Revenue Authority. This was disclosed by the Commissioner of Domestic Tax Revenue...

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Independent Tax Appeals Board to begin work by quarter one, 2024 – GRA Boss

February 5, 2024 The Independent Tax Appeals Board is set to commence work by the first quarter of 2024 as all documentation and recommendations from the Attorney General have been received. This is an...

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Ghana-Germany explore opportunities for shared economic prosperity

January 24, 2024 Ghana and Germany have engaged to take stock and reimagine the journey of exploring opportunities that will help foster mutual economic prosperity. The business roundtable was held in Accra...

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GRA announces January 1, 2024 as implementation date for 7 Tax Amendments Acts

January 18, 2024 The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has announced January 1, 2024 as the implementation date for the seven tax amendments that were passed by parliament and signed into law by President...

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Stop harassing our members, we are not running away from paying taxes – GGEA to GRA

December 20, 2023 The Ghanaian German Economic Association is appealing to the Ghana Revenue Authority to stop what it describes as harassment of its members. According to the association, its members are...

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GRA summons companies over VAT breaches

December 19, 2023 A swoop by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Accra South Compliance and Enforcement Team and the police has led to the arrest of a woman behind the operation of a chain of supermarkets and...

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GRA advised to deploy geospatial data to mobilise property tax

November 29, 2023 The Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Lands and Forestry, Francis Manu-Adabo, has advised the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to deploy geospatial data to help in the...

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GRA confiscates illicit tobacco products valued at ¢7.9m

November 22, 2023 The Customs Division of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has confiscated a substantial quantity of illicit tobacco products, which were unlawfully smuggled into Ghana through unapproved border...

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