Banks appetite for T-bills to drop; Loan book to expand – Report

March 27, 2024 Banks’ appetite for treasury bills in favour of lending is expected to drop following the increase in the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) of banks. The Bank of Ghana (BoG) adjusted the Cash...

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T-bills auction: Interest rates fall to 26.7%; government gets GH¢4.83bn

March 13, 2024 Interest rates fell for 10 consecutive weeks, as demand for treasury bills continued to remain high despite the upside risks. As predicted by many analysts, interest rates plummeted to...

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T-bills auction: Interest rates ease again; government records 46.7% oversubscription

January 17, 2024 Interest rates eased again as treasury bills auction was oversubscribed by a whopping 46.7%. This follows another decline in headline inflation and an agreement between Ghana and its...

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T-bills auction: Interest rates up again; Government records marginal oversubscription

December 13, 2023 Interest rates continued their upward trend as the government sustained its heavy borrowing on the money market. Indeed, the government’s appetite for borrowing continues to push yields...

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Government to borrow ¢94.4bn via T-bills in 2024

December 12, 2023 Government will borrow ¢94.4 billion via treasury bills in 2024 to finance its expenditure. This includes ¢31.8 billion buffer for auction shortfalls. Analysts believe the government will...

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T-bills auction: Interest rates fall for first time in 37 weeks: government records 29% oversubscription

November 13, 2023 Interest rates fell for the first time after 36 weeks, confirming some analysts’ assertion that yields on Treasury bills are expected to peak around 30% to 33.5%. According to auction...

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T-bills auction: Interest rates up for 36th week running; government records 33% oversubscription

November 6, 2023 Interest rates went up for the 36th week running as the increasing cost of borrowing will bite the government in the future. The yield on the 91-day T-bill went up to 29.96% from the...

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Interest rates on falling spree; government T-bills oversubscribed by 40%

March 21, 2023 Interest rates fell once again as government Treasury bills was oversubscribed by about 40.3% to the tune of ¢3.89 billion. According to the auctioning results by the Bank of Ghana, demand...

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T-bills auction: Government rejects all bids; wants yield below 30%

March 8, 2023 Government rejected all the bids for the sale of Treasury bills from investors on Friday March 3, 2023. Joy Business learnt that government rejected the offer because the 35% plus interest...

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Interest rates fall marginally again; government records 98% oversubscription of T-bills sale

December 20, 2022 Interest rates continued to fall on the treasury market for the second week running as investors intensify their attention to the short-term securities, following the debt exchange...

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