Gold exports push Ghana’s trade surplus to $1.3 billion in April

May 25, 2022 New figures from the Bank of Ghana have shown that Ghana’s total balance of trade recorded a surplus of US$1.33 billion in the first four months of this year. This, according to the...

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Manufacturing, trade sectors inspire hope in economy’s recovery

February 24, 2022 The Business Tracker survey has revealed that the country’s manufacturing and trade sectors, which were hit hard by the pandemic, have almost fully recovered as both saw an appreciable...

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33 % reduction in trade surplus recorded for first half of 2020

September 8, 2020 Ghana’s total exports for the first 6 months of 2020 exceeded its imports by 963 million dollars. That’s according to the latest statistical figures from the Bank of Ghana. Trade...

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Oil revenue outstrips cocoa as 2nd biggest foreign exchange earner ; Peaks at US$2.9bn in August

October 2, 2018 Oil export proceeds have overtaken cocoa as the country’s second biggest foreign exchange earner. Figures from the Bank of Ghana (BoG) has indicated that the country has been earning more...

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Germany poised to set world’s largest trade surplus

August 23, 2018 Germany is on track to record the world’s largest trade surplus for a third consecutive year. The country’s $299 billion surplus is poised to attract criticism, however, both at...

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