CORONANOMICS : BoG takes swift action to keep economy on front foot

March 20, 2020 Cuts policy rates by 150 basis points to 14.5 percent Up to GH¢100 MoMo transfer is free MoMo thresholds shoot up Bank envisages GDP growth dropping to 2.5% The Central Bank has taken a...

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Bank of Ghana cuts policy rate by 150 basis points over Coronavirus [COVID-19]

March 19, 2020 The Bank of Ghana has reduced its benchmark policy rate by 150 basis points as its first response to the strain that the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is imposing on the economy. The...

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BoG extends minimum capital deadline for MoMo operators & fintechs to Dec 2020

March 10, 2020 The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has extended the deadline to meet the minimum capital requirements for Payment Service Providers to December 2020. This means the Mobile Money Operators have up...

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Cedi appreciates 6.4% against dollar

February 24, 2020 The Ghana cedi has maintained its dominance against its major trading partners, especially the US dollar, as market updates from the First National Bank show there has been a more than 6...

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Cedi appreciates against major currencies in January

January 31, 2020 The local currency has enjoyed a good run against its major trading partners in the first month of the year — appreciating against all the three major currencies, the dollar, euro and...

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Bank of Ghana maintains policy rate at 16 percent for the sixth time

January 31, 2020 The Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of Ghana has voted to maintain the policy rate unchanged at 16 percent for the sixth consecutive time. This has a direct impact on the interest...

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BoG sensitises police to banking services

January 21, 2020 The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has started a nationwide financial sensitisation programme to educate personnel of the Ghana Police Service on banking services as well as their rights as consumers...

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BoG eyes dollar glut; Shores up forex sale by 60%

January 14, 2020 The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has raised the monthly sale of foreign currencies (FX) by 60 per cent in the first quarter of this year to help contain the increased demand for those currencies...

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New Cedi notes part of reforms – BoG

January 10, 2020 The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has insisted that the decision to introduce the GH¢100 and GH¢200 new currency notes form part of its reform programme, aimed at making the cedi relevant to...

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Daily Graphic wins GGEA Most Impactful Media Organisation award

December 16, 2019 The Daily Graphic, the flagship newspaper of the Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL), was adjudged the Most Impactful Media Organisation of the Year by the Ghanaian-German Economic...

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