Krif Ghana slashes prices by 27% to mark 27 years

September 26, 2017 THE management of Krif Ghana Limited is marking the company’s 27 years of dealing in German office products and stationeries in Ghana with a 27% price cut on all German products in Krif...

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EU team assesses Ghana’s export readiness

September 19, 2017 A three-member team of auditors from the Food and Veterinary Office of the European Union (EU) is in the country to assess the quality of Ghana’s vegetables. The audit will enable the EU...

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Hospital Engineering GmbH, Johannes O. Bockmann speaks at “Business Forum” of the Ghanaian-German Economic Association

March 23, 2017 Ghana is Germany’s fourth largest trading partner in Sub-Saharan Africa. Looking at the figures, however, i.e. 266 million Euros total exports from Germany to Ghana and 270 million...

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Uphold business integrity – GGEA

June 28, 2016 The President of the Ghanaian German Economic Association (GGEA), Mr Stephen Antwi, has urged businesses in the country to uphold their integrity in order to attract foreign partners....

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Germany deepens presence in Ghana with 155 firms

December 11, 2015 Economic cooperation between Ghana and Germany is deepening by the day, with the number of German companies directly operating in the country growing significantly to 155, from below 100, a...

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GGEA and Lenzfinance Management launch product

January 29, 2014 The Ghanaian-German Economic Association (GGEA) in partnership with Lenzfinance Management (LFM), a German-based financial advisor, has launched a sourcing and financing product to provide...

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Be bold, tax informal sector — GGEA President

December 7, 2013 The President of the Ghanaian-German Economic Association (GGEA), Mr Stephen Antwi, has said the time had come for policy makers to take the bold decision to collect substantial tax...

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