Germany pledges continued support for Ghanaian farmers in coping with challenges

November 27, 2023 / Comments (0)

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The German Ambassador to Ghana, Daniel Krull, has assured farmers in the country of support to cope with the challenges they encounter.

According to him, the challenges of the farmers have been recognised by the German government.

Speaking at a climate forum held by the European Union at the University of Ghana on Wednesday, November 22, he said: “We will continue to support you and your endeavour to cope with these challenges. By combining your hard work and climate-smart agriculture, we can make it together.”

The event is on the theme; ‘Building Climate Change Adaptation Capacity at the Farmer Level’.

He also charged women in agriculture to be active and play leading roles in the transition of agriculture around the globe.

The German Ambassador also bemoaned Africa’s contribution to causes of climate change, noting that the contribution is ‘minimal.’

He however noted that the impact of climate change has been severe, adding that “Africa’s footprint is going to grow significantly.”

“So if you are not coming up with climate smarter ways of generating energy, of producing food, then, inevitably the carbon footprint of Africa will tremendously increase and this might be severe and dangerous for the entire world,” he added.


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