AfCFTA Hub kickstarts in Ghana

September 2, 2022 / Comments (0)

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In furtherance of the Government of Ghana’s digitization agenda, the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization and the Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission (PCSRC), have launched the “AfCFTA Hub” concept in Ghana to promote, enhance and advance digital trading, electronic commerce, and e-marketplace transactions in general.

Ghana’s strong ambition is not just to become a digital entrepot for regional trade but also an active shaper of the business Innovation landscape. In becoming one of the seven pioneer pilot countries in the AfCFTA Secretariat’s Guided Trade Initiative, Ghana is also becoming a Testbed for creating a practical incubator and accelerator for ramping up new ways of doing economic integration in Africa.

The AfCFTA Hub is an initiative involving the AfCFTA Secretariat and several governments, with AfroChampions and its private sector backers providing technology and policy support.

This AfCFTA Hub Network is thus joining forces with the Government of Ghana to accelerate the deployment of the various modules of the AfCFTA Hub in Ghana with an initial emphasis on the AfCFTA Number and AfCFTA Common Transactions Reference Framework (a complementary protocol: ProPer Seals is being launched separately).

The AfCFTA Hub project seeks to digitize collaboration among key national and regional actors to accelerate the implementation of the AfCFTA (Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement).

At the heart of the AfCFTA Hub system is the idea of an “AfCFTA Number”, a trusted business identifier for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), startups and other economic actors.

The AfCFTA Number is a “unique code per entity” model designed to lead to a Trusted Business Directory of economic actors that build social credit by maintaining compliance with the necessary regulatory criteria for doing business.

A green rating mechanism is also available at

The launch of the AfCFTA Hub and AfCFTA Number mechanisms in Ghana is expected to have the following benefits:
● Suppression of fraud in e-commerce and digital trading by simplifying background checks on e-traders and other businesses that offer services online.

● Quicker exchange of regulatory intelligence among government agencies to ensure sound compliance.

● A readymade platform for different operators, such as traders, buyers, and logistics providers, to interact and do business not just in Ghana but also, in time, across the subregion.

In view of this, the Ministry of Communication and Digitisation has directed all persons and enterprises engaged in the business of courier,
postal, delivery, logistics, ridesharing, e-commerce, digital trading, and any enterprise of that nature to I obtain an AfCFTA Number.

The minister advised mega-platforms such as Uber, Glovo, Bolt, Jumia, Tonaton, Yango, Amazon, and others to ensure that all businesses registered on their
platforms promptly secure their AfCFTA Number and start taking the necessary steps to integrate their transaction processing systems with the AfCFTA Hub.

The minister noted that the regulation of such enterprises which hitherto had been a grey area shall henceforth be strengthened by requiring electronic registration with PCSRC, and where necessary with NITA and the Cybersecurity Authority through the digital interface available on the AfCFTA Hub at

As more African countries onboard the AfCFTA Hub, as part of the upcoming Guided Trade pilot, the emergence of a one-stop-shop for regulatory compliance across the subregion will make the lives of entrepreneurs very easy. This means customers of businesses and services will also be able to vet the companies with who they engage, thus avoiding scammers and fraudsters.

Without regional solutions, criminals will exploit the gaps among countries to evade apprehension.

The NCA, the Ghana Chamber of Telecoms, telecom operators, the Ghana ISP Association and related bodies are strongly urged to speed up the rollout of the AfCFTA Hub across all telecom networks as a common anti-fraud engine, trusted business directory service and AfCFTA Implementation Accelerator in Ghana.


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