Africans have not fully tapped into regional trade – World Bank

July 19, 2023 / Comments (0)

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The Managing Director of Operations at World Bank, Anna Bjerde has emphasized the need for Africans to optimize intra- African trade to address the continent’s economic challenges.

According to her, Africans have not fully tapped into the regional trade opportunity that exit on the continent. She opines that a lot needs to done to boost intra -Africa trade facilitation.

Addressing the press in Accra as part of her visit to the country, Anna Bjerde further encouraged both the public and private sector actors to enhance their approach towards digitization as it is a game changer for countries.

“The regional economic trade opportunities across countries in Africa are really an untapped opportunity, very little trade between countries and there’s a lot that needs to be done to do trade facilitation and that could be a boost,” she emphasized.

“The second thing is digitization and this is absolutely a game changer for countries, both for government services and also when you think about services for the private Sector,” she added.

As part of her visit, Anna Bjerde and a team of World bank Directors visited the Ghana Tech Hub and Ghana Innovation Hub at the Accra Digital Centre and the Ghana Accountability for Learning Outcomes Project at New Gbawe Municipal Basic 1.


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