Bond market: Market turnover rises 93.5% to ¢1.33bn

February 14, 2023 / Comments (0)

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Market activity on the bond market rebounded sharply, as total volumes of Government  bonds increased by 93.5% week as the government concluded the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme.

According to trading results, total turnover of Government of Ghana bonds rose 93.5% to ¢1.33 billion.

The October 2024, June 2025, November 2026 and June 2028 papers drove market activity, accounting for 41.34% of aggregate market volume.

Analysts expect muted market activity this week as the market awaits the announcement and settlement of the Domestic Debt Exchange.

The government confirmed it has secured over 80% participation in the DDEP.

In a statement, it said the “Government’s Domestic Debt Exchange Program (DDEP) closed on Friday February 10, 2023 with over 80% participation of eligible bonds. The government wants to thank the people of Ghana for their forbearance and support throughout these very difficult times”.

It however maintained that the programme is voluntary, insisting that persons that have challenges have the option not to participate in the programme.


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