Bosch to leverage Ghana’s economic potential

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The Managing Director (MD) of Bosch, Ghana, Mr. Emmanuel Agyei, has described the economic potential of the country as positive and promising to help businesses make strong returns on their investments.

Subsequently, he said Bosch, a known German multinational engineering and electronics company, is set to do what he described as a ‘more active business’ in the country by leveraging economic prospects. In an interview with the Daily Graphic in Accra at the weekend. Mr. Agyei said: “We have now acquired our own space in Accra where we have a Ghana regional  office to be able to serve the needs of our customers better.”

According to him, the company was hitherto renting a small space where it operated from and noted that after studying the economy over time, it has become necessary to have a regional office where bigger operational activities could take place.

Vehicle parts

With regard to vehicle parts, the Ghana Regional Manager said Bosch was noted for building any kind of parts for almost all the leading brands of vehicles across the world. From engine blocks to spark plugs, Mr. Agyei said the company also had in stock many other parts that were high in demand, including filter.

He indicated that Bosch had drive and control hydraulic systems for light and heavy-duty parts and mining equipment. He said the standards of the parts had not been compromised because “all our genuine parts have been built with German technology and meet the European specifications as one of the most reliable and cost-effective”.

Electrical appliances

In terms of electrical appliances, he said, the company also sold fridges, freezers, electric and gas stoves and all types of electronic kitchenware. The MD added that the company also stocked security systems which has been graded as one of the best in the world because of their durability and efficiency.

He said the company also had products that supported industrial broilers, domestic heating systems among others. Mr. Agyei noted that there were also Bosch Power tools such a professional deals, metalworking, new tools, drills, impact frills and others.

After-sales services

Mr. Agyei said aside from making the appliances and the vehicle parts available. the company also ensured that spare parts were readily available on the market to meet the needs of customers at all times.

“We never want to run out of stock because we don’t want to create any vacuum and stress our customers”, he added.


With regard to imitation on the market, Mr. Agyei admitted to the numerous fake products branded as Bosch. “We are aware that because we were not properly represented in the country many took advantage to leverage our virtual absence.” he said, and gave an assurance that “this is now a thing of the past because we are here now.”

He asked the public to beware of the products they buy to ensure that they do not fall into the trap of buying fake Bosch branded products.

He said the company would begin aggressive marketing this year to help the public to easily identify genuine Bosch products on the market.

Sources: Daily Graphic January 8, 2018


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