Country Risk Index: Ghana ranks 1st in West, Central Africa; but economic risk score deteriorates – Fitch Solutions

November 18, 2022 / Comments (0)

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Ghana’s Country Risk of 53.1 ranks it as the best among five top West and Central African countries.

According to Fitch Solutions Risk Index Table, Ghana’s Political Risk and Operational Risk scores stand tall among the five countries and higher than the Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Average, but lower than the Global Average.

Ghana scored 62.0 and 72.4 in short and long-term political risk. Its score for operational risk was however 53.1.

However, the country placed last (5th) with a score of 41.5 in the Short-Term Economic Risk Index and 4th in the Long-Term Economic Risk Index with a score of 50.1.

This raises some concerns for investments in the country despite the Country Risk Index score.

According to Fitch Solutions, a high score index means lower risk in terms of the investment climate.

Meanwhile, Gabon came 2nd in the Country Risk Index with a score of 49.0%, followed by Cote d`Ivoire with a score of 48.0.

Nigeria and Cameroon came 4th and 5th respectively with a Country Risk score of 46.6 and 45.2 respectively.  

The Sub-Saharan Africa regional Average stood at 48.3, whilst the Global Average is 54.1.


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