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March 15, 2022 / Comments (0)

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The wife of the Vice-President, Samira Bawumia, has said that the government’s digitisation drive is positively impacting service delivery across sectors, thereby making doing business in the country easier.

“We can only build a vibrant nation if we have systems and institutions that work,” Mrs Bawumia stated.

At the Ghana Action Forum in Accra, she underscored the need to spread the digital footprint across the country.

“From paperless port clearing to mobile interoperability, digital address system, etc., many good things are happening, and it’s all to transform the economy and make life easier,” she said.

The forum provides an avenue for people living in the diaspora and returnees to meet to discuss and share ideas.

It was organised by Ahaspora, a civil society organisation with interest in supporting people in the diaspora to advance development, as part of its 10th anniversary activities.

The discussions centred on areas such as trade and small enterprises development and leveraging diaspora human capital, skills and investment.

Mrs Bawumia urged people in the diaspora to come home and help build the economy.

“Industrial revolution is upon us, and we must keep up with the new world by making digital reforms part of us. I am confident that with ideas and innovations from people in the diaspora, we will strengthen our agenda. I will urge all, both home and abroad, to participate in the development of Ghana,” she said.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Tourism Authority, Akwasi Agyeman, said his outfit, in partnership with relevant authorities, was ready to partner and collaborate with people in the diaspora who want to invest in the sector.

He also urged people in the diaspora to market and promote Ghana’s tourism sector, stressing that there was always something to celebrate about Ghana.

The Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, Lucy Quist, noted: “We have been busy selling Ghana to the outside world, but not to the Ghanaian. We need to work on our identity, embed them in the Ghanaian so that we know who we really are and what we stand for”, while the Chief Financial Officer of MTN, Antoinette Kwofi, said it was not enough for Ghana to be referred to as the gateway to Africa.

“If something is called a gateway, it needs all the attention and resources, and that is not the case, it seems. Let us have a vision, one that is devoid of politics, and get the people aligned with it,” Ms Kwofi said.

Action Forum

The Ghana Action Forum aims to engage Ghanaians living abroad and at home in an action-oriented, people-centred conference to advance development in Ghana.

Ahaspora was established 10 years ago to provide a support system for Ghanaian professionals and like-minded individuals who are thinking about or have returned home to impact society.

Over the last 10 years, Ahaspora has supported both Ghanaian and international organisations to organise several mentoring and coaching programmes to empower the youth to be first class, well-rounded professionals.

Source: www.graphic.gh.com

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