Tax analyst urges operationalization of tax appeals board

September 25, 2023 / Comments (0)

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Tax analyst Francis Timore Boi has voiced serious concerns about the non-operationalization of the tax appeal board.

He emphasizes the pivotal role an efficient tax board plays in promoting equitable tax assessments and fortifying the government’s revenue collection endeavors.

In an exclusive interview with Citi Business News, Francis Timore Boi urgently appealed to authorities to swiftly ensure that the tax board functions at its maximum capacity and deliver on its mandate.

“Fundamentally the appeals system is crucial safeguard for taxpayers and so of the appeals system is inaccessible, taxpayers are unable to challenge decisions of tax authorities and if we decide not to operationalize it as soon as possible it may even affect revenue collection,” he added.

This apprehension stems from the noticeable lack of activity within the tax appeals board. This critical institution, responsible for adjudicating tax disputes and ensuring a fair and just tax regime, has seemingly fallen into a state of inertia.

Timely resolution of tax disputes is essential not only for businesses but also for sustaining government revenue streams.

Francis Timore Boi stresses that the current inactivity may result in prolonged disputes, adversely affecting taxpayers and potentially diminishing government revenue.

He added that a robust board is not only an essential element in upholding taxpayer rights but also a linchpin in bolstering the government’s revenue collection efforts.


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