There is no easy road to success – Jonmoore International CEO

September 29, 2022 / Comments (0)

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The Honorary Consul of Trinidad and Tobago to Ghana and Chief Executive Officer of Jonmoore International Limited, Hilton John Mitchell, says quality and honest human resource are key to the success of any institution.

He noted that focused and committed entrepreneurs are not afraid to hire more educated, experienced and knowledgeable candidates to fill up roles in industry.

Mr. Mitchell who was speaking as the Guest Speaker at this year’s Dean’s Awards Ceremony of the University of Cape Coast School of Business on Wednesday, indicated that hard work, honesty, dedication to duty, loyalty, thinking out of the box, daring to be different, recognizing your targets and patience were integral tenets of the road to success.

“There is nothing like achieving success on a silver platter. It is imperative that you ensure that you use your man hours responsibly and with a mind to achieve results,” Mr. Mitchell told the audience made up of mainly staff and students of the University of Cape Coast Business School at Auditorium 900 at the C. A. Ackah Lecture Theatre Complex of the University of Cape Coast.

The Honorary Consul of Trinidad and Tobago said most employees fail to take honesty seriously and are eager to become wealthy within the shortest possible time by siphoning funds to feed their selfish desires. He added that honesty could only be achieved through hardwork and dedication to duty.

John Mitchell with Prof Gatsi Dean of the School of Business and Stell Addo Country Manager of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply

John Mitchell with Prof Gatsi Dean of the School of Business and Stella Addo, Country Manager of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply

Mr. Mitchell also challenged the assumption that a loyal person was a snitch who was eager to report his colleagues to the powers that be.

“Far from that. Loyalty is appreciating the ideals, objectives and targets of the institution and always striving to protect such ideals by committing yourself to the success of the institution. A loyal person is dependable and ready to defend and stand up for the institution with pride and confidence. He or she is an asset and most institutions will endeavour to elevate such a personality while others look on thinking that is the boss’ favourite,” the experienced Chief Executive said.

He urged the students to endeavour to think outside the box, recognize their targets and exercise great patience in their everyday working lives.

He said to achieve targets, employees should be imaginative and eager to breath fresh air into their work without breaking the rules of engagement. He also urged the students to be well informed about both internal and external information about the institution they work for.

On patience the CEO of Jonmoore International Limited, an international transport and logistics company headquartered in Tema, said: “In all spheres of life patience is an integral ingredient. Patience comes with hard work and perseverance. It prevents one from dishonesty and it builds a belief system because understanding that it takes time to achieve results is the greatest virtue of them all. Do not allow your academic prowess and over confidence to blind you into thinking speed is the essence of success.”

Mr. Mitchell said there are no shortcuts to real success, stating that anything outside of hard work and deep and sincere commitment is merely a mirage.

“Please no matter what you do, do not ever think you can run before you learn how to walk,” the Guest Speaker stated.

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