Bond market: Trading activity bounces back; ¢388.91m value traded

May 23, 2023 Trading activity on the bond market bounced back last week, as total value traded shot up by 34% to ¢388.91 million. According to the market data, activity in the new bonds also regained...

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Bond market: new bonds attract investor interest; market recovers swiftly

May 10, 2023 The secondary bond market was lively in the week under review as total volume traded recovered 293.93% week-on-week to ¢459.34 million. This is partly on resolved valuation challenges....

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Bond market: Trading activity down by 64.8%

May 3, 2023 Trading activity on the local secondary bond market was down by 64.83% from the prior week. According to the trading results, the aggregate volume traded was estimated at ¢116.61 million....

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Bond market: trading rebounded after sluggish activity

April 26, 2023 Trading activity in the Ghanaian secondary bond market gained some momentum, as aggregate volume traded surged last week to ¢331.54 million. Investor interest in the new bonds was slightly...

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Bond market: Trade on government bonds falls 90.12%

April 18, 2023 Trading activity slumped on the secondary market last week, as total value traded on Government of Ghana bonds decreased 90.12% to ¢23.50 million. According to the trading results, trades...

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Bond market: Market activity slows down

April 12, 2023 Market activity on the bond market was very slow last week. According to trading results, investors continued to narrow their view on the secondary market with only five Government of Ghana...

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Total trade on new government bonds falls by 38.03%

April 5, 2023 Market activity on domestic sovereign bonds slumped last week as total trade retreated 38.03% week-on-week to ¢62.31 million. Interest in the new bonds, according to trading results,...

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Trading of government bonds falls by 21.09% to ¢119.05m

March 21, 2023 Volume traded on the new Government of Ghana bonds fell by 21.09% week-on-week to ¢119.05 million last week. This follows the completion of the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme. According...

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Market turnover on new government bonds rises 14.85% to ¢150.86m

March 15, 2023 Market activity on the Government of Ghana (GoG) bonds rebounded last week after a slump in the previous week. The market recorded only trades in the new bonds, and total volume traded rose...

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