Total trade on new government bonds falls by 38.03%

April 5, 2023 / Comments (0)

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Market activity on domestic sovereign bonds slumped last week as total trade retreated 38.03% week-on-week to ¢62.31 million.

Interest in the new bonds, according to trading results, cooled slightly, with the market narrowing its view to just the 2027 – 2030 maturities, accounting for 99.23%.

The yield curve tilted as yields compressed by 73 basis points around the front of the yield curve.

Analysts expect market activity to remain lacklustre as the market continues to resolve the uncertainty in the valuation of the payment-in-kind portion of the new bonds.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Fixed Income Market, experienced a decline in volume traded during March 2023.

The total volume of trades recorded was 5.57 billion, a decrease of 39.26% compared to the previous month.


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