Apply human face to tax compliance enforcement – GGEA to GRA

October 11, 2023 / Comments (0)

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The Ghanaian German Economic Association (GGEA) has called on the Ghana Revenue Authority to apply a human face to its tax enforcement actions being rolled out.

According to its president, Stephen Antwi, the move by the revenue mobilisation agency could deter investors from bringing in the needed foreign direct investments which could propel the growth the country needs.

Speaking to Joy Business at GGEA’s ‘Doing Business with Germany’, a platform to foster partnerships with Ghanaian and German businesses, Mr. Antwi stressed collaborations between business groups and Ghana Revenue Authority to harmonise revenue collection and compliance.

“If an investor wants to come in, he will find out from existing businesses and then they might list all these issues and this could be a disincentive.”

“Like they say, capital doesn’t want to venture into a place it will not be comfortable with. That’s the fact of the situation”, he opined.

He further called on the government to find ingenious ways of raising more revenue.

“We are willing to pay our fair share of taxes to help the government generate enough revenue to meet its developmental goals but we also think that government should expand the tax net.”


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