Businesses cited for non-compliance with VAT regulations

September 18, 2023 / Comments (0)

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The AH Hotel in East Legon has been found to be in violation of the country’s Value Added Tax (VAT) regulations.

An inspection by the domestic tax compliance taskforce of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) on Tuesday revealed that the hotel does not issue VAT receipts to its customers.

The meeting with the hotel’s management lasted for at least 15 minutes, during which it was determined that, aside from VAT, the hotel was compliant with other tax categories.

The GRA also found that the Bharidan Royal Hotel, which is adjacent to the AH Hotel, was also in violation of VAT regulations.

These two hotels were among several businesses in the East Legon area that were randomly assessed for tax compliance.

The GRA has been conducting compliance exercises in recent months to bolster revenue collection efforts.

Assistant Commissioner Joseph Annan, the Accra Area Enforcement Manager of the GRA, said that tax revenues have almost doubled year-on-year since the exercise started last year.

He warned that businesses that are found to be in violation of tax regulations will be penalized.


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